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Hair Design in Warlingham

At M&L Hair Design, we are experts in all aspects of hair, from cutting to colouring.

Having been Surrey’s pre-eminent hair salon for over 14 years we have listened to what you almost universally disliked about other hair salon experiences and set out to positively reinvent the hairdressing experience from the ground up.

With this simple mission, we have created clear pricing so there are no surprises. Our team can offer you a broad range of expertise from highly talented stylists including Senior Stylists, Artistic Directors, Salon Directors and our Creative Director.

How do I choose the right Stylist?

Take a look at our highly trained and motivated team who are here to make you look the way you want to feel.


Principal Salon DirectorSalon DirectorTechnical DirectorArtistic DirectorSenior StylistCat/Self Employed
Wash & Blow Dry - Short Hair£40.00£38.00N/A£35.00£30.00£36.00
Wash & Blow Dry - Long hair£50.00£47.00N/A£42.00£36.00£41.00
Wash & Blow Dry - Holywood Wave Long£60.00£57.00N/A£52.00£46.00£51.00
Wash,Cut & Blow Dry - Short Hair£72.00£69.00N/A£63.00£47.00£65.00
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry - Long hair£77.00£74.00N/A£71.00£57.00£68.00
Wash Cut & Blow Dry - Holywood Wave Long£87.00£84.00N/A£81.00£67.00£78.00
Re Style£88.00£85.00N/A£75.00£68.00£68.00
Wash & Blow dry - ExtensionsSurcharge £15.00Surcharge £15.00Surcharge £15.00Surcharge £15.00
Keratin TreatmentFrom £200.00From £200.00N/AFrom £200.00From £200.00
Beach WaveFrom £10.00From £10.00N/AFrom £10.00From £10.00
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry £40.00£39.00N/A£38.00£36.00£38.00
Wet Cut - up to age 12N/AN/AN/A£25.00£25.00£26.00
Tint Re Grow - Short£57.00£57.00£57.00£57.00£57.00£57.00
Tint Re Grow - Short + All Over Gloss £74.00£74.00£74.00£74.00£74.00£74.00
Tint Re Grow Long£65.00£65.00£65.00£65.00£65.00£65.00
Tint Re Grow - Long + All Over Gloss £94.00£94.00£94.00£94.00£94.00£94.00
1/2 Head Highlights- Short£93.00£87.00£93.00£85.00£85.00
1/2 Head Highlights- Long£110.00£108.00£110.00£99.00£1080
Full Head Highlights- Short£119.00£115.00£119.00£115.00£115.00
Full Head Highlights- Long£140.00£133.00£140.00£133.00£125.00
Full Head Balayage - Long£165.00£165.00£165.00£155.00£145.00
Tint Bleach£83.00£80.00£83.00£80.00£80.00
Root MeltFrom £30.00From £30.00From £30.00From £30.00From £30.00From £30.00
Gloss Treatments - ShortFrom £19.00From £19.00From £19.00From £19.00From £19.00From £19.00
Gloss Treatments - LongFrom £29.00From £29.00From £29.00From £29.00From £29.00From £29.00
Colour CorrectionSubject to individual consultations

Terms and Conditions

  • A skin test is required 24hours prior to all colour applications.
  • A 50% deposit is required for all services with a duration of two hours or over.
  • Should you require to cancel or amend your appointment, we ask you to give us a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of any changes or cancellation to your appointment.
  • Any cancellations after this time will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
  • For bridal hair and extensions pricing is subject to a face-to-face consultation.
  • Please note all prices are quoted from the figure shown and are subject to a final consultation with a member of the team.